Privacy Statement

Child Concern Consortium is a group of three charities: The Fostering Network, Action for Sick Children and Working Families. Individuals sign up to payroll giving with the Child Concern Consortium through one of three payroll giving organisations: StC Payroll Giving, Payroll Giving in Action and Hands on Payroll Giving. The consortium is administered by The Fostering Network.

How do we collect and use your information?

When you sign up to payroll giving with Child Concern Consortium, the payroll giving organisation passes your contact details, employer’s name and NI number, which you provided, to The Fostering Network (in their capacity as administrators for Child Concern Consortium) along with a unique reference number. We use this data to match your future donation payments to our record of your contact details.

Your contact details and employer’s name, and a record of your donations are held on a database administered by The Fostering Network along with your preferences on whether you would like to be contacted. We only use this information to send you our biannual newsletter, via a third party mailing house. The mailing house does not keep any data on their systems longer than is absolutely necessary. We will never share your details with nor sell them to anyone else.

You can update your preferences at any time by contacting or calling 020 7620 6414.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Child Concern Consortium, which allows our member charities to continue their life-changing work.